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Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Wildcat Mountain
December 15, 2020 9:00 a.m.


Attendance: Jake Risch, Naomi Risch, Bruce Doten, Matt Serge, Dan Houde, Marc Hauser, Rich Brauel, Al Risch and Donna Woodward.

1: Opening and President's Remarks: Jake Risch

We are wrapping up 2012 and getting ready for 2013; organizing volunteers to put up the roof structures on the Avalanche Boards, working on hiring a new Executive Director etc. We've had a number of resignations from the BOD and we are looking at it as an opportunity to get some new blood on the board. We are now opening up for new candidates here too and at the same time need to determine how big a board we want to be.

We submitted our permit application for the Inferno, created an event page and have updated the web with the new information. This year we will be focusing on getting more participation going with the Wildfire. We will be putting out a Newsletter with this information in it as well.

The Boston Ski Show was successful, we raised $6,000 in memberships.

Since the last meeting the following people resigned from the BOD> Ted Sutton, Tom Eastman, Jeff Leich, John Gorman, Dana Lee and Jesse Mac.

2: Secretary's Report: Naomi Risch

Everyone received the minutes from the last meeting and there were no changes to be made. Matt Serge made a motion to accept the minutes, Bruce Doten 2 nd and the minutes were unanimously accepted.

3: Marketing Committee Report: Naomi Risch

We currently have 2,377 Likes on Facebook and over 500 Followers on Twitter. We have been posting updates, photos and information on membership and other special offers currently happening with FOTR. I suggested we create an FOTR Blog on Wordpress and eventually transition our website over as well. A caution was made about having a blog and not posting on it, but if we were able to keep up content with it throughout the year we'd be golden. There will be more information on the blog idea and how to use it in the future.

Race Marketing: We need to develop an event poster. Dan has said he will work with Amy on this. Brainstorm on how to promote the Inferno and Widfire Races individually. More attention needs to be given to the Wildfire on the posted. Every year the Inferno sells out and we need to generate participation on the Widfire if we are going to keep it going. This year we will be adding an adaptive division to the Widfire Race. We already have 3 teams signed up and are reaching out to more.

Bruce Doten will bring posters down to Boston to spread the word throughout the Crossfit population. Matt Risch is currently editing the 2013 Race Handbook.

4: Fundraising Committee Report: Jake Risch

This year for both Inferno and Wildfire we are going to have an optional Fundraising Competition. Jake is going to get this set up and online by the end of the year. We need to work on Sponsorships for the event. We need prizes and auction items and $$. Each Board Member needs to take a few sponsors and reach out to them. We should update the sponsorship package and get them out to folks as well.

We're selling the FOTR Missile sled again this year. It has been up on Facebook and should be put back up on the website. We sold 10 of these at the ski show.

5: Membership Committee: Dan Houde

We need to update our current list of members in constant contact and also an update of membership information needs to be made so we have the most current contact info on our members. Dan suggested we move the Newsletter Sign up to a more prominent location on the website.

Dan also suggested that we start targeting our emails to membership (ie: members, volunteers, racers and prospective members.) There has been a lot of interest from people in hearing a lot more about what we have going on. Our membership list on the website needs to be updated.

Naomi suggested that in our Quarterly Newsletter we recognize and thank the new members to FOTR.

For the next Newsletter: Marc will recap the ski show and also hype up the missile sleds. Jake will talk about the Inferno/Wildfire updates and our upcoming Projects. Naomi will talk on the ED search, BOD search and the Ski Ticket Membership Sale.

Dan suggested that we take out media spots during off season (project wise) times so that we can start getting the information about all of the other things we do (other than the race and work weekends). This should be done one time per quarter.

6: Treasurer's Report: Rich Barauel

We are going to break even for the year financially. We netted $4,600 from the Tux Dinner. $6,00 from the ski show. We are still waiting on $1,000 from Jay Peak. Al plans to contact them to see if they are ready to fulfill their commitment. We still haven't done our annual appeal, so there has been no income from that yet. Membership is down $3,000. We haven't received our bill for our insurance yet, so our $1,400 insurance bill hasn't yet been paid. We should hit the ski tickets again on Facebook and in the Newsletter to try to generate some revenue.

7: Nominating Committee: Open

We don't currently have a nominating committee with the recent resignations. Bruce Doten made a motion for the Executive Committee to act as nominating committee until we can recruit new members. Matt Serge 2 nd and it was unanimously approved.

We will be screening candidates over the next few weeks.

8: Old Business:

Executive Director Search. We advertised on Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook and our website. We have received 4 applications and the next step is to send the packets to the Exec. Comm. to review. We hope to have this filled by February 1 st , 2013. Depending on the candidate we may need to re-adjust the job description.

October Work Weekend: it went well.

9: New Business:

Chamonix (Bruce Doten) has reached out to us again with a new contract for a discounted trip there. This will be serviced through EuroSport Tours. Members of FOTR can travel to Chamonix and pay for 7 nights and stay for 8 along with 6 days of skiing and 2 meals per day. This may lead to monetary sponsorship and participation from Chamonix in the future. Naomi, Bruce and Dan will be working on a letter to go out to the membership with this exclusive offer.

Replace Active BOD Members: we currently have 8 active BOD members. We agreed that there should be no less than 5 members but no more than 11 to keep this a workable Board.

Dan wants to be moved from the Membership Committee to the Marketing Committee.

We need to develop a job description for each committee.

Naomi suggested that we combine the Membership and the Fundraising committees and call them Development.

Winter Work Weekend: We will be scheduling this when we have snow. We need a crew of volunteers to head up and put the roofs on the Avalanche Boards. We are hoping to get this completed in January.

Rich suggested that we put Al back on the payroll as a consultant until we have a new ED hired. This would be $666/mo until we have a new person in place. If he does work, we pay him, if not, then we don't. Starting January 1, he'll be focusing on the Inferno, chasing sponsors etc. This will be retroactive as of November. Matt made a motion to accept. Marc seconded this motion and it was passed with no exceptions.

Meeting adjourned at 11:06 a.m.

Next meeting will be held on the 16 th of March. The time and location TBD


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