Seeking to preserve and protect the historic recreational uses of Tuckerman Ravine and
Mount Washington NH
working in partnership with the US Forest Service.



Al Risch

Brad Ray



Over a cup of coffee in the USFS headquarters building at Hermit Lake, Al and Brad were discussing government cutbacks and their effects on the Tuckerman Ravine program.


Brad mentioned that Friends groups started up in other parts of the country and wondered whether we could find someone in the Mount Washington Valley to start a local group. The mission would be to provide private sector funding and raise an awareness of the struggle to keep the program going.


A committee was formed to explore the possibility.  Don Muse, Brad Ray, Bruce Jackson of the USFS and Al Risch agreed to serve.  Bruce Jackson took on the task of gathering information on other Friends groups.  After this  study, the committee decided that the best model was Friends of Acadia, run by former AMC'er, Kent Olsen.


After a meeting with Kent and the Acadia Park supervisor it was decided to emulate their success in the formulation of Friends of Tuckerman Ravine and the rest is history.


Al Risch accepted the task of promoting the idea in the Mount Washington Valley and developed the Charter Lifetime Membership appeal.

Become a member and be part of our history  for as little as $35 per year.

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