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Mission Statement
The Friends of Tuckerman Ravine was founded to provide citizen support to the US Forest Service in order to preserve and protect Tuckerman Ravine and the Cutler River Drainage Area that surrounds it on Mt Washington and in Pinkhams Grant, Coos County, NH; to promote the continuation of the historic uses of Tuckerman Ravine and the Cutler River Drainage Area; to organize, fund, and manage projects, publicity, education and events for the purposes of this association; and to provide public input for legislation and regulation regarding Tuckerman Ravine and the Cutler River Drainage Area. 

Short Term Goals
bulletEstablish a public and private relationship for finding support
bulletCoordinate safety, prevention and education programs
bulletImplement short term solutions to the parking shortage in Pinkham Notch
bulletCreate a volunteer network to implement projects and programs
bulletExpand and upgrade the hand-held VHS/UHS communication systems - Accomplished
bulletImplement a trail maintenance program for the Cutler River Basin Area

Long Term Goals

bulletImprove trail system between Hermit Lake and Tuckerman Ravine
bulletDrill deep-well, year-round potable water system - In Progress
bulletDevelop a long term solution to the parking problem in Pinkham Notch - In Progress
bulletNew - Develop a 30 minute educational video for wide distribution
bulletImprove and expand the first aid cache in Tuckerman Ravine

Friends of Tuckerman Ravine | Box 844 | North Conway, NH 03860
 Voice (603) 356-0131 | [email protected] | Fax (603) 356-0100